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Can double cropping winter canola and soybean kill two birds with one stone?

Implementing a winter canola-soybean double crop can be a potential way to overcome challenges in soybean and canola production in Ontario, according to OMAFRA's latest CropTalk newsletter.

Eric Page, research scientist in weed ecology, and Sydney Meloche, weed science technician, at AAFC Harrow Research and Development Center have conducted planting trials looking into the feasibility of this idea. Although they have yet to work out all of the agronomic issues involved with implementing a winter canola-soybean double crop, the early results are promising.

Soybean and canola production in Ontario is challenging due to a number of factors. Soybean production in Southwestern Ontario has to overcome the prescence of multiple glyphosate resistant weed species. Canola production faces challenges like swede midge and clubroot. 

Winter canola and soybean double crop could allow canola production to escape swede midge pressure while helping to stem soybean yield losses in longer season regions of the province. 

Page's research will continue to explore questions related to a winter canola-soybean double crop. Farmers who are interested in the research or providing feedback are encouraged to reach out at

Read here for more information on the details and results of trials.

June 12, 2018  By Crop Talk by OMAFRA

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