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Brands You Know, Service You Trust with AGI

April 4, 2022  Sponsored by AGI

AGI offers a range of your favourite and recognizable brands in Canada, like AGI Westfield, AGI Westeel, AGI Grain Guard, and AGI Batco. To complement their equipment, AGI also offers approved, year-round, on-farm service, to get you ready for planting or harvest.

To help our Western Canadian producers, AGI Service is available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The AGI Service team is available to help on-farm with pre-season start up, shut down, or anything in between. They come equipped with specialized trucks complete with all the tools they need to troubleshoot any potential issue. AGI Service offers producers on-farm repairs, regular maintenance, and warranty service on-site when you need it.

Tyler Wilson from Swift Current, SK is a long-time customer of AGI, “We started buying from AGI about 25 years ago. We started with a Batco belt conveyor, then we bought a GrainVac and a STORM seed treater, then we purchased Westeel bins and AGI fans… the list goes on!” said Wilson.

“Before AGI, things were slow here on the farm. The equipment we had was slow, it held us up and on top of that it crunched our peas. We were happy to bring a Batco belt conveyor into our operation. We started with a 1026A model and now we use our latest Batco conveyor for almost everything. AGI brought us simple, reliable equipment and a big boost in speed”.

What makes Wilson continue to select AGI over its competitors? “Reliability, high quality, speed, performance, and overall value. When you factor everything in like price, the product itself, resale value, and aftermarket service – AGI is at the top, every time”.

But AGI’s offering doesn’t stop after the conveyor or bin leaves the dealer. AGI’s experienced dealers, sales and service team are there day or night to help farmers pre- or post-harvest.

“The after-purchase support has been the best part about buying AGI. If we have any issues, everyone [at AGI] is more than willing to show up on-farm. It’s better than anything else out there” says Wilson.

AGI believes in partnering with Producers, supporting them with the equipment and services needed to ensure their operation runs efficiently when it matters most, not just at the time of sale.

Wilson remembers having the AGI Service team out to help before harvest recently, “Since the service is so reasonably priced, it was well worth it to have the AGI Service team come down to do a pre-harvest inspection – we had them take a look at our 20105 belt conveyor before harvest. They found a few things I would never have found, no matter how long I inspected. It saved us a lot of time and made it so we got off on a good start. They definitely know what they’re doing! For the cost of having them out, it was well worth saving our time messing around with the belt conveyor.”

The AGI Service crew is a team of experienced, expert-level industry professionals and highly trained electrical and mechanical technicians.

If you have questions or are interested in having the AGI Service team visit your farm, call 877.934.0649.


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