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BioAmber to open new markets for Ontario farmers

May 17, 2012, Guelph, ON The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is pleased with yesterday’s BioAmber announcement to proceed with the construction of a world class bio-processing plant in Sarnia, Ontario. BioAmber will source local feedstock including corn and wheat beginning in 2013 to produce bio-succinic acid, used in food and beverages, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

“This is wonderful news for the local economy,” says Mark Wales, OFA President. “In addition to the jobs that will be created, local sourcing of feedstock enhances transportation logistics and reduces costs.”

Once BioAmber is running at full production, it will create a new opportunity for the marketing of corn and wheat for Ontario farmers. The company’s initial grain requirement is equivalent to 15,000 to 20,000 acres of production per year. The green chemistry involved in BioAmber’s processes will also support the manufacturing of other products in the Sarnia industrial complex, making the complex a more robust offering overall.

“Ontario farmers have proven their ability to produce high quality crops in a sustainable manner,” says Wales. “Farmers are committed to programs such as the Environmental Farm Plan, and we are proud to see our environmental efforts carry through the value chain.”

This initiative supports Ontario producers’ efforts to find new markets for biomass crops for energy, bio-products or bio-processing. Since 2010, OFA has been examining opportunities to enhance biomass value chain initiatives based on funding received under the “Generate Energy for Ontario by Developing an Innovative Agricultural Biomass Value Chain Sector” project. Investment in this project has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP). In Ontario, this program is delivered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council.

May 23, 2012  By OFA


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