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Bibeau announces first round of clean agtech projects

February 8, 2022  By Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

On Feb. 3, Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food, announced the first wave of 60 approved projects under the Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program. The program will provide $17.9 million in funding for projects across Canada to give farmers and agri-businesses access to the latest clean technologies. The intent is to help farmers adapt to a changing climate and boost their long-term competitiveness, all while cutting emissions. This funding is focused on three priority areas: green energy and energy efficiency; precision agriculture; and the bioeconomy.

“The Government of Canada is working together with agricultural producers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Bibeau said. “The program helps them acquire more energy-efficient equipment and adopt innovative solutions to make their practices more sustainable. These investments build resilience to climate change and meet consumer expectations.”

She virtually met with female-led Fermes Janor Inc. in Farnham, Que., on the day of the announcement and was shown the new outdoor grain dryer and equipment made possible through ACT funding of up to nearly $421,000. This is one of nine ACT – Adoption Stream projects approved to date in Quebec, with federal investments in the province totalling up to almost $1.9 million so far.


“This funding is a key lever that contributes to the sustainability of our company,” said Marie-Claude Mainville, agronomist and manager of Groupe Janor. “It allows us to diversify our activities from a standpoint of sustainable production. Investing in energy efficiency provides both economic and environmental gains for all of Quebec and Canadian society as a whole.”

Later that day, Wendland Farms Ltd. in Waldheim, Sask., met virtually with Bibeau to showcase progress at its farm operation and its new high-efficiency grain dryer, made possible by ACT funding of up to more than $251,000. This project is one of 24 projects ready so far, with federal investments totalling up to almost $7.6 million to date across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

“The ACT Adoption Stream helped our farm invest in a grain dryer that offers some the latest technologies,” said Bryce Wendland, owner of Wendland Farms Ltd. “This investment will help our farm produce high quality grain by avoiding the risk of weather damaged crops at harvest time, and at the same time dry grain more clean and efficiently.”

Under the ACT Program, farmers and agri-businesses will have access to funding to help develop and adopt the latest clean technologies to reduce GHG emissions and enhance their competitiveness.


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