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August 8, 2023  Sponsored by AGI

Nearly as important as how you grow your grain, is how you choose to dry it – and AGI mixed flow dryers are built to make the most of this key step in your grain production process. It all comes down to AGI’s game-changing “mixed flow” design, first developed by Vertec to address the shortcomings of traditional cross flow dryers, then perfected by AGI NECO – now united under the single brand name: AGI.

How a mixed flow dryer works – and why it works better

The movement of grain through the AGI mixed flow dryer delivers consistent kernel to kernel moisture across the grain column.

In a mixed flow dryer, the grain column is continually mixed as it passes over alternating rows of heat ducts and exhaust, which allows for slower, gentler drying. Unlike cross flow dryers, AGI mixed flow dryers have no screens to clean or get plugged. All of which translates to two main benefits for growers:

  • More efficient operation for lower drying costs-per-bushel; and
  • Higher quality and test weight grain at the end of the drying process.

The fact is, AGI mixed flow dryers are up to 30 per cent more fuel-efficient than conventional screen dryers and it’s easy to see why: the more a screen becomes plugged, the more fuel is required to overcome the restricted air flow. Of course, downtime resulting from screen-cleaning efforts further impacts your overall efficiency.


Heavier test weights are also a proven benefit of our mixed flow dryers. Grain in the dryer is heated much more evenly, significantly reducing or even completely eliminating heat damage. The result: AGI mixed flow dryers consistently deliver test weights one to two pounds heavier than those netted by conventional screen dryers.

Better quality grain. More efficient drying. A win-win for growers like you.

Discover all the advantages of AGI mixed flow dryers

Improved output and efficiency are just the beginning of the benefits you can enjoy with AGI mixed flow dryers. Benefits like our modular, expandable designs, which make it easy to grow your dryer capacity along with your operations. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) to fine-tune blower and unload operation. Quiet centrifugal fans.  Remote monitoring and management options available, and much more. Discover it all at your local AGI dealer.

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