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Below normal runoff expected in Saskatchewan

Feb. 9, 2016 - Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency has released the preliminary outlook for spring runoff. A below normal runoff is anticipated for most of the province, however it is still early and conditions can change over the remainder of the winter.

Some areas in east central Saskatchewan had more water on the landscape than normal going into winter freeze up and should expect near normal runoff. There is also an area extending from Yorkton to Last Mountain Lake that may see above normal runoff based on the current conditions.

Saskatchewan has experienced a warmer and drier than normal winter so far. Generally most of the province is looking at a below normal snow pack for this time of year. There are some areas in the east central region north of Yorkton up to Hudson Bay and west over to Nipawin where the snow pack is near normal.

Long range precipitation forecasts are difficult to rely on but most are calling for near normal precipitation across Saskatchewan for February, March and April. All of these forecasts are also showing above normal temperatures for this three month period which could result in an earlier spring runoff.

Most reservoirs and dugouts went into winter at near normal levels and even with a below normal runoff, surface water supplies are expected to be adequate in 2016.

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February 10, 2016  By Top Crop Manager


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