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BASF and Monsanto team up in weed management

Mar. 7, 2013, Mississauga, ON - BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada have teamed up for a new program that promotes best stewardship practices for improved weed control and sustainable weed management.

Working together with retailers across Eastern Canada, BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada are offering farmers a $1-per-acre rebate when Roundup WeatherMAX herbicide is purchased with matching acres of INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN or ARMEZON herbicides.

As key tank-mix partners, INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON complement Roundup WeatherMAX by providing additional modes of action for optimized weed control. Together they can also combat glyphosate-resistant weeds such as Canada fleabane, common ragweed and giant ragweed.

The off-invoice discount is applicable on products sold between Nov. 15, 2012 and Jun. 30, 2013. In addition, farmers are eligible for AgSolutions Rewards on their INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON purchases. For additional information on the program, farmers should contact their local BASF and Roundup brand herbicide retailers.


March 7, 2013  By CNW


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