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Authority registered on soybeans in Western Canada

May 23, 2014 -Authority and Authority Charge herbicides, which are based on the group 14 herbicide sulfentrazone, are now registered on soybeans in Western Canada.

"This is a timely registration for soybean growers in the prairies with the identification of glyphosate resistant kochia in the Red River Valley region of Manitoba and other soybean growing areas," said Nasir Shaikh, provincial weed specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development, in a news release from FMC Canada. "It is a good reminder that growers should consider reducing the number of glyphosate applications in a single season, incorporate non-glyphosate herbicides when growing glyphosate-tolerant crops, and incorporate non-herbicidal measures like crop rotation, tillage and manual weeding if necessary."

In the United States, Authority brands have become the standard for pre-residual herbicide applications in soybeans due to the serious issue of glyphosate resistance, according to FMC Corporation.


May 23, 2014  By Top Crop Manager


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