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Assess nitrogen losses and sufficiency

May 28, 2015 - With the excessive rainfall and standing water in some Manitoba fields, some agronomists may be asked to assess possible nitrogen (N) losses. If applied N had already converted to nitrate (NO3-) form, it is subject to leaching on sandy soils and denitrification on poorly drained and heavier textured soils.

In many cases, it is not too late to apply your "Nitrogen Rich Strip" or N Stamp" that can serve as a reference when one wants to assess potential losses and yield penalties. Nitrogen Rich Strips are usually applied with field equipment and run across the field to encompass a range of soil types, drainage, etc. Simple differences in colour and growth between the field and this strip usually indicate a lack of N for field yield potential. When applied before or at seeding, such strips should be 150-200 per cent of the base field N rate. A number of devices and sensors (like chlorophyll sensors, NDVI or GreenSeeker) can be used to quantify such a difference and estimate in-season N applications for a variety of crops.

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May 29, 2015  By John Heard Field Crop Nutrition Specialist MAFRD


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