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Answering common questions about glyphosate

March 13, 2019  By CropLife Canada

Glyphosate is no stranger to the news – recently, Health Canada reviewed and responded to a number of objections submitted to its 2017 re-evaluation decision on the herbicide. After a review, Health Canada stood by its original statement that glyphosate does not pose a risk to human health.

CropLife Canada, an organization representing plant science companies that make plant biotechnology, pesticides and herbicides, summarized Health Canada’s response as it related to some of the most common questions about glyphosate in a recent post. The post answers:

  • Does glyphosate cause cancer?
  • Do glyphosate residues on food pose a safety risk?
  • What impact does glyphosate have on milkweed and monarch butterfly populations?
  • Does glyphosate contaminate water?
  • Do the ‘Monsanto papers’ discredit the science behind glyphosate?
  • Since the industry is involved in conducting research on the safety of glyphosate, how reliable is the data?
  • Does using glyphosate prior to harvest pose a health and safety risk for consumers?

The full post from CropLife Canada answering common questions related to glyphosate is available online.



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