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Alias insecticide registered for wireworm control

Dec. 17, 2012, Winnipeg, MB - The insecticide Alias 240 SC label now includes wireworm control in cereal and soybean crops.

According to MANA Canada, Alias provides early season protection against crop stand injury caused by wireworms. The expanded registration includes variable application rates, allowing growers the flexibility to adjust the rate based on the expected infestation. Alias may be mixed or applied sequentially with several commonly used seed treatment fungicides to control wireworms and certain seed and soil-borne pathogens in cereal crops.

Alias is a Group 4A insecticide in the neonicotinoid family that controls wireworms through ingestion. Alias is also registered for control of soybean aphid, bean leaf beetle and seed corn maggot in soybeans.

Alias is a broad-spectrum insecticide with proven performance on a variety of crops from potatoes and vegetables to tree fruits and blueberries. It controls Colorado potato beetles, aphids, leafhoppers and other pests through a combination of contact and ingestion modes of action.

December 17, 2012  By MANA Canada


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