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Alberta warns of potential pest problems

May 5, 2014 - An Alberta Agriculture specialist says early indications are that wheat midge and bertha armyworm may cause problems in Alberta this coming growing season.

"Based on last year's survey we expect some producers are going to have issues with wheat midge," says Scott Meers, insect management specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Brooks. "We also think there might be problems with bertha army worms in a couple of spots in the province. We'll know a lot better once we get into the monitoring season in June."

The principal area of concern last year for wheat midge was the Falher area and some of the surrounding counties. "We expect there will be pressure there again this year, as well as with individual fields scattered around the province that had problems in 2013."

Meers says one of the best thing producers can do to avoid wheat midge problems is to seed early. "If you're in one of those areas where the wheat midge risk is high, you can try and get your wheat in early. That way the crop is past the susceptible period before the wheat midge become really active. Seeding early is a major risk reducer."


May 7, 2014  By Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development


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