Can relay cropping work in Ontario?
Thursday, 22 November 2018

It can be a challenge for many grain growers to justify the returns of winter wheat in a cash crop rotation, so several innovative growers across Ontario are experimenting with different ways to continue growing wheat profitably through relay cropping.

In the experiment, soybeans are planted between rows of winter wheat in the spring with the goal to harvest two cash crops in the same year. The objective is to minimize the winter wheat yield loss, while establishing a soybean crop that will continue to grow after the winter wheat is harvested. The benefits of winter wheat-soybean relay cropping are:

1) including winter wheat in rotation to provide a living soil cover through fall, winter and early spring

2) greater crop diversity that has shown to lead to greater soil health and 3) two crops in one year.

The challenge is this: will soybeans inter-seeded into established winter wheat pay? Read more on

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