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Agriculture and Forestry report calls for Canadian soil preservation

June 11, 2024  By Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

A new report by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry makes 25 recommendations to the federal government to work with the Canadian agricultural and forestry sectors, as well as municipal, provincial, territorial and Indigenous governments, to tackle soil degradation and preservation aggressively. The committee strongly believes that soil must be a national policy priority to help fight climate change and feed future generations.

“Soil is often overlooked, yet it’s essential to all life. It grows our food and purifies our air and water. We must act now to preserve this valuable national resource, which is increasingly susceptible to climate change, floods, droughts, wildfires and the loss of farmlands. Canadian soil was at risk 40 years ago when the Senate released its first report on soil health. We don’t have another 40 years,” said Senator Rob Black, chair of the committee. | READ MORE



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