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Ag for Life releases teacher tool kit

Recently the non-profit group Ag for Life released a new Agriculture Teacher Tool Kit for local educators to help them clearly explain different facets of agriculture, and to especially take on the challenge, for a largely uninformed public, to explain some of the more controversial facets of modern agriculture such GMOs, herbicide and pesticide use or intensive farming operations.

Medicine Hat farm educator Nichole Neubauer of Neubauer Farms says the Teacher Tool Kit is an invaluable source for explaining, in an Alberta context, how the industry works. She believes good information such as this helps offset many misconceptions associated with the agriculture business.

According to Neubauer, too often those wanting to know more about agriculture turn to the internet, and find themselves awash in misinformation.

“They don’t have a farmer to go and visit. What do they have? The endless supply of social media in their back pocket. So when they are concerned about something, or have a question, they Google it. They are finding a lot of information there, and what they will do is really search for something until they find an article which aligns with their personal beliefs. This (Tool Kit) gives people a better appreciation of what’s happening in their back yard. | READ MORE

January 31, 2017  By Medicine Hat News


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