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Adoption increased for soil-conserving spring wheat fertilizer practices

July 2, 2024  By Alberta Grains

Spring wheat was included in the annual fertilizer use survey between 2021 and 2023 – the first time it was included since 2016. The goal of the Fertilizer Use Survey, implemented by Fertilizer Canada, is to understand how farmers use and make decisions about fertilizer. After three years of surveys, valuable information on the common fertilizer practices for spring wheat and how the trend changes over time has emerged.

Alberta Grains contributed funding and summarized some of the key findings, concluding that prairie spring wheat farmers are using soil-conserving fertilizer practices commonly with close to 80% of the fields banding their N fertilizers at planting to reduce N loss. More farmers are making fertilizer decisions based on soil test results and adopting 4R practices, including variable rates and Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers. | READ MORE


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