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Axial-Flow 7010 completes the Case IH Axial-Flow family with a Class VII offering that has more horsepower and a higher threshing capacity than the predecessor Axial-Flow 2388. The 7010 features a 350 horsepo24e1wer Case IH 9.0 litre engine rated at 2100rpm.

November 15, 2007  By Top Crop Manager

Axial-Flow 7010 completes the Case IH Axial-Flow family with a Class VII offering that has more horsepower and a higher threshing capacity than the predecessor Axial-Flow 2388. The 7010 features a 350 horsepower Case IH 9.0 litre engine rated at 2100rpm. The operator can select rise/boost modes for unloading, ranging from 25 horsepower rise plus 15 horsepower boost to 40 horsepower steep rise peak.

The rotor moves material through the machine more efficiently for more complete threshing and smoother, uninterrupted crop flow. The result is up to 25 percent greater throughput capacity compared to previous designs. The 7010's 315 bushel grain tank, with 24 inch extensions, provides added capacity for efficient operation. The Case IH AFS 200 display is standard on the 7010 for accurate grain yield and moisture monitoring. Unloading speed is also improved with longer upload tubes equipped with an end discharge spout and anti-dribble device. The average unload speed is 3.2bu/sec.

The combine offers grain cleaning with a 52 inch cleaning system and 8370 square inch area. Other new features include stripper plates on 7010's feeder top shaft to prevent materials from wrapping around the shaft and sprockets in damp crop conditions. A dual drive tire option has been added for customers requiring more flotation in duals. The highest capacity Case IH combine, the Axial-Flow 8010, has been upgraded with many of the advanced features of the 7010. The 2007 model takes the 8010’s productivity farther with a 350 bushel grain tank capacity.


Two new Case IH Axial-flow 2500 series combines feature more horsepower, more capacity and faster unloading. The Class VI Axial-flow 2588 is a workhorse machine for medium to large operations, rated at 305 base horsepower with a 20 horsepower rise to a maximum of 325 horsepower. The 290 bushel grain tank is 38 percent larger. For small to medium operations, the Class V Axial-Flow 2577 provides exceptional productivity in a smaller machine. The 2577 is rated at 265 base horsepower with a 25 horsepower rise to a maximum of 290 horsepower. Its grain storage capacity also has been improved to 230 bushels.

New 2500 series combines are powered by a 8.3 litre six cylinder Case IH engines with full authority fuel control. The Case IH Axial-Flow rotor is standard on both models for improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear, along with the AFS yield and moisture system. A reverse safety alarm is standard equipment as well. Other 2500 series enhancements include longer unloading augers and larger capacity standard drive tires and rear steering tires. Unloading rates average 2.4bu/sec.

Additions to the Case IH header line include the 2020, a 35 foot flexible header that provides 17 percent more cut width to match the capacity of the new Axial-Flow 7010 combine. A revised floor profile provides smoother crop flow and reduced wear. Full-fingered augers ensure consistent crop feeding, even in adverse field conditions. The 2162 offers a new centre mount design, a high centre opening and new flexible linkage for softer ground pressure and better feeding.

With the addition of new 2600 series chopping corn heads, Case IH now offers flexible and efficient options for corn stalk residue management, especially in touch residue conditions and no-till rotations. A one piece rod allows for easy manual engagement of the chopper for one pass harvesting and chopping. In addition, a new power feed design on Case IH chopping heads accommodates any harvest speed by forcing the stalks into the chopper. The new heads are available in four different configurations: six row, eight row, 12 row and an eight row folding version.


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