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ADAMA Canada releases new pulse crop protection product DAVAI A Plus

February 7, 2023  By Top Crop Manager

ADAMA Canada is introducing a new crop protection product for imidazolinone-tolerant lentils, as well as all peas and soybeans in time for the next crop year.

DAVAI A PLUS is a broad-spectrum herbicide solution with two modes of action.

With lingering supply chain issues plaguing global industry, they have been complicated by the ongoing European energy crisis, all of which is expected to contribute to higher prices and product shortages for some crop protection products again in the 2023 crop season.


“We’re fortunate to have facilities in 35 countries that can supply us. This globally diversified supply chain has helped us cope with these global supply chain issues,” said Cornie Thiessen, general manager of ADAMA Canada. “We are confident in our ability to supply the Canadian market in 2023 and are pleased to announce some new products for pulse growers.

“This new registration brings product choice to growers for a crop that historically had none.”


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