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Ontario winter wheat progressing; corn and soybean planting behind

May 13, 2024  By OMAFRA Field Crop team

Crops across Ontario are in various growth stages, according to the latest report from the Ontario Field Crop Team. In the southern parts of the province, winter wheat is ahead by 10-14 days, particularly in early planted fields, but other regions are not as advanced. Wet conditions have delayed soybean planting, and as soybeans are very sensitive to compaction, soil conditions are more important than planting date, the team advises. In some counties, up to 10 per cent of corn crops have been planted

Corn planting has been concentrated mainly on lighter textured soils due to sporadic showers across the province. In a few counties up to 10 percent of the crop has been planted and some growers have almost finished. Like soybean, the team reminds growers that planting into fit soils is more important than the exact planting date. | READ MORE



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