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OMAFRA crop report: Low precipitation, strong planting progress

May 25, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

The OMAFRA Field Crop Team have posted their weekly crop report and outlook as of May 19.

The team expects corn and soybean planting to be complete this week thanks to the continued dry, warm weather. Significant precipitation is possible in the next week or so, which would be beneficial. Agriculture and Agri-Food (AAFC) weather data shows all of Ontario is below expected precipitation levels since April 1, with some areas having rain deficits greater than 50 millimetres (mm).


Growers should be aware of pest pressure in spring cereals, including powdery mildew, cereal leaf beetle and annual weeds. Cooler weather in early May delayed spring cereal growth, so crops may still be in the critical weed-free period.

Grubs and wireworms have been very active, so early planted corn and soybean that has been slow to emerge could be at risk of feeding injury. Low moisture levels are of concern for soybean planting, and growers should consider deeper planting if topsoil moisture levels are particularly low in their fields (and if soil type allows for it). While deep-planted seed takes longer to emerge, the forecasted warm temperatures should accelerate germination and emergence.

Early first cuts have started in forage crops. This is earlier than usual, but tight inventories may play a part in this. While yields will be lower, quality will be high. |READ MORE


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