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National Soil Conservation Week kicks off

April 19, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

It’s the third week of April, which means it’s once again time for National Soil Conservation Week (NSCW). The annual event, which takes place from April 18 to 24 this year, serves to raise awareness about soil health and conservation across Canada.

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) is leading NSCW and has announced their key priorities for 2021 in conjunction with the event:

  1. Identifying high priority areas of research to drive appropriate actions and investment in production practices that ensure the sustainability of Canadian soils;
  2. Increasing the quality, quantity and access to soil health and conservation information available to producers and ag professionals in Canada;
  3. Using the best available information, experience and advice to inform decisions on future investments in policy and program that supports soil conservation and health in Canada; and
  4. Raising awareness of the connection between soil health and conservation and the well-being of Canadians.

NSCW also means a new push to “soil your undies.” The cheekily named initiative aims to raise awareness of soil health on an individual or small group level by enticing people to bury a pair of white cotton underwear as a means of understanding soil health. Simply put, the healthier the soil, the more microbial activity and organisms are present to decompose the underwear.


For more information on NSCW, including how to participate in “soil your undies” and the SCCC more broadly, visit the NSCW website. Also, be sure to check out your regional soil health or conservation organization for any local initiatives or projects taking place in celebration of the event.


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