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Prograin launches soybean price monitoring platform

March 24, 2021  By Top Crop Manager

On March 11, soybean producer and supplier Prograin launched its new digital solution for monitoring soybean profitability at all times, FIXX. The platform lets producers easily sell their crops online, maintain control of their sales price and optimize their time.

FIXX is available exclusively to conventional IP or Quali-Pro soybean producers and GMO and non-GMO seed producers doing business with Prograin.

Connected in real time to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where soybean stocks are traded in North America, FIXX allows producers to set a target price and achieve sales if the market reaches that price. Users can also connect to the platform and sell all or some of their soybean crop manually when they want, during trading hours. The concept was borrowed in part from a European partner, but Prograin has reworked it to meet the needs of North American producers.


According to Alexandre Beaudoin, vice-president of sales and marketing for Prograin, the main goal behind FIXX is to allow producers to set their own target price without having to constantly monitor the markets.

FIXX is available on PCs and tablets and is free for the first year (2021 crop). Starting in the second year, Prograin will charge a cost per ton with a cap, since not all producers harvest the same volumes.


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