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2020 field crop data at a glance

December 11, 2020  By Top Crop Manager

Recently, Statistics Canada updated its data on estimated yield and production data for principal field crops. Overall, 2020 ended up being a strong year for most field crops and regions. The fall weather allowed many to complete harvest and field work earlier than usual. An early killing frost on the Prairies caused some trouble with crops like soybeans, but most crops across the country showed great resilience.

That’s what we’ve heard in talking to farmers and agronomists. What can we learn from the data?


How does 2020 stack up against 2018 and 2019 in terms of yield?

Looking at year-over-year crop data can be a good way of understanding trends, whether it be across Canada (like the chart below) or on a smaller scale – provincially, regionally, or even at farm-level – by adding context.

Provincial breakdown

The previous charts show data for Canada as a whole, but how does production of five major field crops break down across the provinces? Hover your cursor over a province to see production numbers.

All crop production data used here can be found on the Statistics Canada agricultural data website.


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