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2016 Census of Agriculture is on the horizon

Jan. 19, 2016 - All Canadian farm operators will receive a letter at the beginning of May 2016 with instructions on how to complete the 2016 Census of Agriculture online.

The online questionnaire will automatically add totals and skip sections that do not apply to the operator's farm. As a result, completing the questionnaire online will be faster and easier and reduce the need to call back farm operators in order to clarify answers. On average, farmers should spend 30 per cent less time responding to the 2016 Census of Agriculture than they did responding to the previous census (2011).

Census of Agriculture staff consults after every census with farmers, agricultural industry members and data users for the purpose of assessing data needs. Statistics Canada received more than 200 content submissions from diverse groups, including federal government departments and agencies, provincial ministries, farming organizations, academics, farm service companies, and consulting firms.

As a result of these consultations, new questions on the adoption of technologies, direct marketing, succession planning and renewable energy production were added to reflect demand for this new information.

Some questions were also removed, such as detailed expense information, operator place of residence, details on irrigated land, and the source and use of manure. Most of the questions for 2016 are identical to those used in 2011. This continuity is important when it comes to tracking long-term trends in the industry and meeting the ongoing needs of users and stakeholders.

Overall, the 2016 questionnaire has 18 fewer questions than it did in 2011. The content of the 2016 Census of Agriculture can be viewed in the Canada Gazette which was published on June 20, 2015.

By law, farmers are required to participate in the Census of Agriculture. By the same law, Statistics Canada is required to protect the information provided in Census of Agriculture questionnaires. Privacy is a fundamental component of the census.

For more information, please visit Statistics Canada's website.


January 21, 2016  By Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


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